Agencies and Venue Finder: Why you need to have your own platform?

Agencies and Venue Finder: Why you need to have your own platform?

17 October 2019 Various 0

Because if you don't want to invest in digital and you go through market tools, you're going to die…

Loud will you tell me? So read this: How Amazon killed Toys"R"Us and threatens all toy stores

By going through a platform that also sells its own products/services, you will give them your customer file, your supplier file, your data and especially the market expertise that newcomers lack.

"It was a big mistake because Amazon took the opportunity to gain knowledge of the sector and customers," explains the manager of a toy store in France. In other words, Toys"R"Us provided his rival with the weapons he would use to defeat him.

That's why we created Ertram

Ertram is a technological solution that you customize for your agency. It's installed on one of your servers (or one we buy for you) and you're in control of your data, the black gold of the 21st century.

Concretely how does it work?

We are a Software Editor. Our job is to do techno, not to manage events.

If you go through a provider that has the technology and also organizes live events with customers, you are dead (eventually I mean). Because these providers will learn from your know-how and your data to go to the major accounts and offer them their services and thus make them do without your services.

With Ertram, no risk, the tool is customized for you. It's your tool, you own the customer data, suppliers, on the events. We don't have a project manager or meeting specialist… our team is made up exclusively of computer developers.

To make a comparison, our tool is a bit like an ERP or accounting software. The companies that publish these software do not do the accounting in the place of your accountant … Ertram is a customizable tool, which can be totally custom-made.

Is having your own tool more expensive than partnering with an existing platform?

It is not comparable. With the platforms, you will surely find a partnership to share the commission of places.

With Ertram, the commission will be 100% for you.

Obviously, Ertram will require a substantial investment on your part. But this investment will ultimately be much more profitable!

  • The efficiency of your staff will be improved, so they will be able to manage more events (up 30%)
  • You will get 100% of the commissions and not 50%
  • You remain in control of your data and strategy

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