Event Management Platform

Event Management Platform

17 August 2019 Various 0

Event organization

The organisation of events in a company is very regular. Indeed, there are events for different needs: motivate, reward, evaluate the financial aspect of the company… And with the digitization of events, you can get lost. Indeed, there are platforms but also event project management software. But to organize an event you have to follow a few rules.

The process of an event

First of all, you must determine the purpose of your event. Depending on the purpose, you will then have to choose the participants. Participants must be relevant to the purpose of the event. For example, for a management seminar, the directors are in line with the theme of the event. The budget is the most important aspect of the organization of your event. Indeed, without a budget, there is no event, and the budget determines the event. The search for a place and service providers is the longest and most time-consuming part. There are platforms specialized in events, such as meeting management platform.

Searching the good place and service

The room rental and other services must be rented a few weeks before the day of the event. It is, therefore, necessary to look for them possibly a few months before the event. If you do not wish to do the research yourself, you should go to an event agency, which can take care of the organisation of your event. Otherwise, if you simply don’t want to search for an event venue or service providers, go to a finder. The services of the finder will be more affordable than an event agency. But entrusting the organization of your events to agencies and finishers can increase your event budget.

Ertram, an event platform

Ertram is an event management platform. It is simple and quick to use it, and the inscription is easy to do it. Whether for a seminar, a meeting, a team-building or other, the event organization platform offers you its services. The platform helps event agencies and financial institutions to reduce their event expenses. Ertram allows you to digitalize a few steps of event organization. Indeed, you will find the search for places, the specifications, a quality reporting, the management of quotes and invoices… In fact, Ertram is an all-in-1 event technology solution.

The purpose of the platform is to simplify complex processes. Indeed by making them digital these steps are simpler, clearer and you save a considerable amount of time. Thanks to Ertram, your customers are satisfied and your organisation is simplified. Moreover, if you are a recent event agency, the event organisation platform allows you to have a better visibility and welcome new customers while keeping your freedom.

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