Platform for managing its events

Platform for managing its events

23 September 2019 Various 0

Are you a company or an agency looking for a platform to manage your events?

You then wonder how to choose between the different platforms?

First, let's see the difference between a platform and software. Then the various features possible for event management. Finally, we will look at the different business models of the platforms.

Difference between platform and evenementiel software

Software is a tool that you have to install on your PC and on your company's servers.

A platform is present online, accessible via the web and normally does not require any installation.

Features for event management

Searching for places

Sends RFP (request for quotes in French :))

Online quote comparison

Creating a website for the event

Mailing to guests

Budget tracking

The different business models of platforms for managing events

There are two main types of business models:

  • subscription
  • to the commission

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