White brand platform

White brand platform

22 July 2019 Various 0

Platform white mark: how does it work?

The White brand is an increasingly popular concept right now. Many big names in the trade, whether physical or digital technologies have been able to exploit this concept. But few really know how it works. To guide you in this direction, here's what you should know about it.

The white label: what is it about?

The white mark is a form of affiliation, but more accomplished. Indeed, in its traditional base, an affiliation allows a brand or brand to put the link of a product on its platform. This link will then redirect the visitor to a professional platform. The concept will allow the user to view your page, but once he has clicked on the link, he will leave your platform.

For a platform white-label, The concept of affiliation allows the offers to be placed, not a link, directly on your web page. Internet users will therefore remain on your page to view the offers of affiliated e-market. It will even be possible to negotiate with this to have a domain sub-name on your platform. This will make your site more attractive.

How does this concept work?

For an affiliate, white-label sites allow it to spread many offers. And this, by allowing itself to have a domain sub-name with a recognized site and a good reputation. The other advantage is that you won't just have to submit a single offer.

generally these platforms offer you the opportunity to broadcast your product catalogue with the ability to customize the Presentation. In addition, you can also view your logo or even change the theme on some sites. Platforms white label may also offer to launch your actions promotional information on their website.

In other words, they are not just presenting. You have the ability to call people to action and also to take advantage of your offers. However, you will need to make sure that you are properly referencing your products on the platform so that they are well accessible to your targets.

Ertram: a white-label website specializing in events

For companies in event, Ertram is a reference as a white brand sharpener. The site offers a powerful platform capable of managing all facets of your business. It offers customizable spaces and interfaces to manage your event. And this, by creating your own sub-domain to organize an event from start to finish.

Ertram can even ensure that all your data is centralized. This ranges from finding your providers to recruiting clients. But you will also have the opportunity to manage your invoices directly on the white label platform. Finding companies will also find their way there. They can, among other things, manage the different quotes and information of different providers.

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