Event organization platform

Event organization platform

22 July 2019 Various 0

Why go through an event organization platform?

Before embarking on the contracting of an event organisation contract with a specialized agency, you need to know all the options you can have on the market. Indeed, there are platforms that can make sure that they are equipped with software that facilitates the organization. The question is, why go through their service.

A solution that helps to better coordinate Actions

An event organization platform is an online solution that allows you to manage many actions in a single environment. It allows you to organize the different tasks and assign them to your team. It's also there to make it easier to communicate with your team by having an updated dashboard in real time on the organization's progress.

This is also a platform that will allow you to get closer easily your customers and sell tickets to your event. This type of site also has an interface to capitalize information on your suppliers and others. He'll even know help with receiving quotes and receiving quotes management of different billings.

A solution that optimizes spending and having a good return on investment

By hiring an event organization company, you will be relieved of certain tasks. However, this has a significant cost. Plus, you won't have full visibility into what's going on. This is unlike a management on a specific platform.

If you want to be aware of the activities and the progress of tasks and be in the decision-making process in choosing suppliers and managing the budget, choosing an event organization platform is better. In addition, the cost of accessing this type of solution is much lower than that of an agency. But on top of that, you'll get a better return on investment set stakes.

Online event organization, think about the Ertram solution

With Ertram, you won't need to go through intermediary agencies to organize your events. Simply join the platform to integrate your services and organize your events across the site. You will then be able to efficiently organize your search for space to host your event activities.

You can even set your own specifications directly on the platform and share it with your providers. The management of expenses and invoices will of course be accessible on the platform. You can also receive quotes from all the suppliers interested in your event. Ertram allows you to manage your events online.

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