What is event agency software?

What is event agency software?

16 July 2019 Various 0

When you get into events, you tend to idealize the business. You should know that this area requires an iron organization. Often professionals have multiple projects to set up at the same time. The difficulties are gradually piling up and it is not uncommon to get lost. Discover a tool that can make your life easier: event agency software.

What is event software and why?

Simply put, event agency software is a kind of virtual assistant. He is able to organize tasks, schedule appointments and even evaluate the quality of a job done.

With event software, it will be easier for you to keep track of all the projects in progress. You'll also avoid forgetting the details. All this is done to ensure total customer satisfaction.

The software assumes the role of organizer in terms of time and control especially. It tracks the progress of each task and each collaborator. With event agency software, it is almost impossible to deliver a project late or provide incomplete services.

The event organization software also makes it easier to share tasks and communicate internally. Everything is visible on the program and everyone can have a look back at what has already been done or not. This solution allows you to work in the same direction.

What features do Ertram offer?

Ertram is a white-label event organization platform that aims to be your ally in managing your work in the company. For this, it first offers a feature of finding places. This allows you to quickly find rooms and reception areas that can meet the specific needs of each customer.

The scoring and seller review feature allows you to note the potential of each place visited. It is possible to gather feedback on experience as well as add ratings and comments on each location.

Then, the specifications are managed automatically for each project and each client. Customers have requirements that should not be forgotten. It is these little details that can make an event successful. To make sure you don't miss anything, the platform makes available a feature provided for this purpose.

On the financial side, quote and invoice management is also available on Ertram's event organization software. You won't have to get lost in the paperwork with this solution. There are also other very interesting features such as event day planning, multi-language, multi-user and other, which are accessible to all users of the platform.

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