Event project management software

Event project management software

23 July 2019 Various 0

What are the advantages of using a Event project management software?

Managing an event project is not an easy task. The manager has the difficult task of monitoring and organizing different types of activities ranging from research to the choice of providers to the gathering of the various participants and speakers at the event. It is to facilitate its organization and its follow-ups that specific software has been produced.

A tool that facilitates the job of event organizer

Knowing how to manage and organize an event is no easy task. This requires being precise in actions and not making any false notes. This is why it is possible to get help from event project management software. In this case, you can start by managing a specific schedule. To do this, the software can help you coordinate the tasks to be done, but also the schedule planned during the event. And allows you good online event management.

It will even be possible to manage stakeholders and participants. And this, by choosing in advance the type of event you will organize whether for a company or the general public such as an end-of-year event or a corporate seminar. In addition, you will also have a dashboard available directly on the platform to track the activities of your team and the providers you have hired.

A solution to attract partners and Targets

The online event project management program also allows you to directly manage the communication and promotion of your event to your targets. This will allow you to collect email addresses and other contacts from partners and customers, but also from sponsors through the sourcing feature. You will then have to ensure the relationship with them and make requests by presenting your event offer directly on the platform.

The solution is also there for broadcasts to the general public, booking and even making tickets available. It will also manage the expectations and reactions of targets to any time. This will allow you to follow their and act on the action while responding quickly to responses to specific needs.

The Ertram platform to make it easier to manage your project

The Ertram solution invites you directly to its brand platform to organize and manage your event projects. All organisational tasks can be accumulated and be managed there. To do this, you can avoid engaging a finding coming society.

The platform will search for the best addresses for you to organize your event. It can also help you store and manage your data, whether it's contacts from service providers or stakeholders. Using specific software, it can also organize them to be searchable quickly if needed. The site also allows you to track your organization's evolution in real time and even manage quotes and invoices from your service providers.

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